Terms of Use

How to use MEC’s website


Thank you very much for using Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation(MEC)’s website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). You can use the Website in accordance with the following requirements:

Copyrights and trademarks

All items of information (including trademarks and logos) included in the Website are protected by nation-by-nation copyright laws, trademark rights, treaties, and other regulations. No part of the information may be used (reproduced, transmitted, distributed, altered, sold, published, converted, or announced) for private purposes or beyond the limitations permitted legally and explicitly, and without the prior permission of MEC.

Links to the Website

If you want to set up a link to the Website, you should use the home page because the URL of the other pages may change or be removed without prior notice. MEC has the rights to refuse a request to link to the Website if it determines that your website may offend the public order or decency, contain malicious slander, or damage the integrity of MEC’s business.
Before you set up a link to the Website, please inform MEC of your name, telephone number, and e-mail address, the URL of your website, and the link start date by mail.
Note that MEC is not liable for the content of websites linked to the Website.

Links to other websites

MEC does not control outside websites connected to the Website. Such websites should be used in accordance with their terms of use. Note that MEC is not liable for the content of these websites or for any damage caused by their use.

Ideas and propositions

As a rule, MEC does not accept creative ideas or proposals (e.g. ideas and concepts related to new products, new technologies, designs, and marketing by any means, such as memos or drawings) except as answers to a concrete request made on the Website or relevant materials. MEC has no obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding such proposals or other relevant materials received via the Website.
Even if MEC or its affiliates adopt an idea that is the same as or similar to the whole or part of a proposal received via the Website, neither the company or its affiliates is liable to pay any compensation to the provider of the information.

Downloading software

It is necessary to follow exactly the requirements set forth in the license agreement for the use of software when downloading it from a website linked to the Website. Note that MEC is not liable for the installation or use of the software.

Concerning personal information protection

MEC may make a request to register your name, e-mail address, and residential address when you use any of the inquiry services on the Website. This registered personal information is used only for personal identification or inquiries. As a rule, MEC does not disclose this information to any third party without your consent, except in the following cases:

  • When MEC discloses the information on condition that you cannot be identified by its disclosure
  • When MEC discloses the minimal information to a company (e.g. a contractor) who enters into a nondisclosure agreement with MEC in advance
  • When MEC makes a decision that its affiliate should answer your inquiry When MEC receives a legal or valid request
  • MEC appropriately and carefully controls your registered personal information so that it is not exposed to unauthorized access, loss, falsification, or misuse.


MEC cannot guarantee to update and amend all items of information on the Website in a timely and appropriate manner. In addition, MEC is not liable for any damage caused by the use of the Website.
The contents of the Website and the specifications of products and services described on the Website are subject to change without prior notice.
These terms of use are also subject to change without prior notice. Accordingly, MEC recommends that you access this page again at the appropriate time to obtain the latest information.

Applicable laws

Japanese laws apply to the use of the Website and the interpretation and application of these terms of use, unless stated otherwise.

Access logs

MEC records information on users who access the Website in the form of an access log. The log includes the user’s IP address, host name, browser, and access date and time, excluding any information that can identify the user. MEC uses these access logs only for the maintenance of the Website and the statistical analysis of access trends.