Group Companies

MEC Techno Co.,Ltd.(100%-owned subsidiary of MEC)

In the mechanical, electrical, instrumental, painting, and architectural fields, MEC Techno deploys top-class engineers and technicians throughout Japan to quickly respond to customer requests. The company supports facility maintenance and construction work seamlessly (from design to construction control) in various industries.

Address 1-2-2, Nihonbashi-Hongokucho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0021
Telephone [+81] (0)3-6262-0660

Nikka Engineering Co.,Ltd.(100%-owned subsidiary of MEC)

Nikka Engineering offers comprehensive solution to cover every stage from design and construction through commissioning, inspection and maintenance for chemical and medical plant.
Nikka Engineering has specialized expertises in mechanical, electronical, instrument, civil and architectural field.
By taking advantage of the high-tech skills, Nikka Engineering meets wide range of demands from customers.

Address 20,Hayashinoshita,Onahama-aza,Iwaki-shi,Fukushima 971-8101
Telephone [+81] (0)246-53-3165