Semiconductors, Batteries, and Electronic devices

Since 1983, we marketed the necessary chemical solution supply and recovery systems for the manufacturing processes of semiconductors, batteries, and electronic devices. Over 2,000 systems have been delivered to our customers. As a pioneer in chemical solution supply and recovery systems, the highest priority is to quality and safety; therefore, we offer solutions that can be used safely.

1Core Technologies for Chemical Solution Supply Systems for Manufacturing Semiconductors, Batteries, and Electronic Devices

In order to meet the different applications of semiconductors, batteries, and electronic devices that have evolved so rapidly, we propose optimal solutions for the manufacture of raw materials and the supply, recovery, recycling, and reuse of chemical solutions through the use of a wide range of technologies accumulated in the chemical and electronics fields. We also contribute to the attainment of the customers’ environment, social, and governance (ESG) goals, sustainable development goals (SDGs), and the goals for achieving energy savings and carbon neutrality.

2Lineup of Chemical Solution Supply, Recovery, Purification, and Concentration Control Systems

As a leader in chemical solution supply systems, we help to ensure manufacturing quality and reductions in the manufacturing costs and the environmental load by providing systems that support ultra-fragmentation and qualitative improvements in the manufacturing process through the use of chemicals. The applicable fields include the manufacturing process for batteries, as well as the products and materials used in electronic devices, which have remarkably expanded their markets. We propose optimal solutions to many more extensive fields.

3Construction of Raw Materials and Component Plants Using a Variety of Solutions

We contribute to increase the competitive strength in the production of the different materials and components for semiconductors, batteries, and electronic devices through our engineering solutions cultivated in a wide range of areas that include chemistry, medicines, films and molded products. Our grasp of the changing conditions of the market is correct and timely so that we can find and solve problems early by sharing information with the many parties concerned, promptly address specification changes, and comply with safety measures, budgets, and delivery time. We provide total engineering from design to manufacturing and delivery.

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