For overseas business

Crossing barriers of cultures and languages, we support the overseas expansion of customers' businesses by providing licenses, solutions and total engineering services.

1Supports for Process License Business

We support the process license sales businesses for overseas conducted by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, our parent company, and Japan Polyethylene Corporation, our affiliate. We provide integrated engineering services, such as preparing of basic design materials required when provided process licenses, process design, equipment design, equipment procurement, plant construction, and test run.

2Plant and equipment – Solvent Recovery and Purification facilities / Cyclone Scrubber

We deliver solvent recovery and purification facilities not only in Japan but also abroad. Especially, a number of our NMP solvent recovery and purification facilities have been adopted overseas with the increase of global demand for lithium ion batteries. In addition to the technologies to recover and purify NMP solvents, we offer various benefits to our customers, such as a good ways to reduce overseas construction periods and costs, such a modular construction method.

NMP Solvent Recovery and Purification System

N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) has very high solubility and is used for the manufacture of various chemicals from mass chemicals to fine chemicals. Conventionally, NMP solvent gas generated in the manufacturing process of the materials for lithium ion secondary batteries is sent to companies specialized in NMP purification for recycling; and the quality of the purified NMP solvent and reducing the treatment cost have been issues of the recycling. We have delivered various NMP recovery and purification facilities abroad, which enable to purify the NMP solvent with stably quality at low cost on production sites.

DMF and DMAc Recovery and Purification Facilities

N, N-dimethylformamide (DMF) and N, N- dimethylacetamide (DMAc) are used as reaction solvent for synthetic fiber and synthetic resins. We offer DMF and DMAc solvent recovery facilities having the following features abroad.


  • Capable of recovering and purifying the DMF and DMAc solvents with high purity (achievement: 99.8 wt%).
  • Optimal design to suit customers' needs utilizing elimination of solid contents and energy saving technologies.
  • More than 25 facilities have been delivered abroad.

Cyclone Scrubber

In the high pressure polyethylene manufacturing facilities, the decomposition reaction occurs in the polymerization reaction process occasionally and the temperature and pressure rise suddenly. The Cyclone Scrubber is used as a safety measure to reduce noise of the reaction, collect dust particles completely, and prevent ignition.

3Total Engineering Services for Overseas Plant

We offer one-stop engineering services for plant construction project from basic planning, design, procurement and fabrication of equipment to test runs and after-services. We also support to meet specific requirements that differ country by country flexibly to help the overseas expansion of your business in the standpoimt of customer's "overseas plant construction project team".
In many cases, the local procurement of equipment and material for construction is required to reduce the construction cost and in consideration of the maintainability after the completion. We promote the construction projects utilizing the global network of Mitsubishi Chemical Group and well-developed overseas procurement function. For the overseas procurement, process control after placing orders and attendance inspections are very important as well as a set of procurement tasks including finding and examination of suppliers, inquiries, requests for and examinations of quotations, and price negotiations. Thus, the overseas procurement should be controlled more carefully than domestic procurement.
We also perform tasks peculiar to the overseas procurement such as checks and reviews of suppliers' drawing and adjustments of the delivery to the construction site responsibly.

Implementation of Overseas Projects

Example: Flowchart of Overseas Procurement Work

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