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As a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group, Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation provides engineering and equipment management for group companies, including our parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. From the perspective of the customer, we use the technology that we have developed over many years to meet customer needs and deliver equipment that will ensure customer satisfaction. We believe that this is a distinctive feature of our company. In addition, our goal is to not only deliver equipment and plants but also to ensure that production starts as planned. We are also experts in integrating production processes and equipment into specific designs together with customers from the early stages of planning.

In addition to advanced robotics that deliver automation and achieve smart manufacturing processes, we are committed to developing the next-generation technologies of digital transformation (DX) and green transformation (GX). By combining total engineering technology, including our strengths in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) and operation and maintenance (O&M), with DX and GX, we can respond to more sophisticated demands for improving productivity and reducing environmental impact throughout the customer’s supply chain, as well as creating new innovations.

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group has been working on a variety of issues and has promoted the realization of KAITEKI, an innovative solution that seeks to ensure that people, society, and the earth continue to prosper. As a member of the Group, our mission as an engineering company is to continue to be the first to grasp social changes and understand market needs in order to solve social problems by implementing the SDGs and achieving a decarbonized society and a circular economy. By providing optimal solutions that balance customer sustainability and growth, we support customer manufacturing and contribute to the realization of a sustainable and bright future.

Hiroki Fujii
President and CEO
Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation

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  • *The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG Group) is the collective name for the Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation and its group companies.