Message from our President

Ryosuke Sakuma

President and Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation

As a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, our company engages in the engineering work and the plant management work for its many group companies, such as our parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

We believe that our distinctive features are realizing customers’ needs and achieving their satisfaction through providing our technologies from their perspective which have been developed in the course of our engineering work and pant management work.

Our ultimate objective is not just completing the construction of the plant but realizing the production plan of the plant.

Collaborative work with the customer from the initial stage of the project to make engineering design document in accordance with customer’s production plan is another of our fortes.

Our approach has won high marks from customers in many fields, including not only chemicals but also pharmaceuticals, food products, logistics and resin treatment. We are also dedicated to developing new technologies, using IoT (Internet of things) and big data analysis to improve the production process. We have both traditional and innovative strengths.

The goal of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group is to realize what we call KAITEKI – that is, to bringing about a pleasanter society and world, in addition to contributing to the comfort of individuals. We believe we can achieve this corporate KAITEKI by meeting our customers’ needs. Our company will strive to bring KAITEKI to our customers by responding to and helping them with their problems through our engineering work and plant management work.