Steel Belt Machines

Our steel belt machines have been developed based on the equipment design expertise we have accumulated over many years, with the aim of enabling the continuous production of a variety of products. We are fully confident that the machines’ heating, cooling, drying—and any combination of these capabilities—will meet and exceed the needs of our customers in terms of product development and manufacturing.


  • Equipment design based on your needs
    • We design equipment from a customer’s perspective as an operation-focused engineering company
    • Simulation-based equipment design
    • Partnerships with world-class belt material manufacturers
    • Lineup of a wide range of belt materials
  • Abundant experience, track record, and technology
    • We can cater to high-speed, high-temperature, and high-precision needs, and multipurpose applications
    • Track record of more than 40 years with respect to the manufacture of synthetic plastic sheeting


We can propose the optimum specifications for your company based on our abundant track record, as we have delivered a large number of products such as equipment for use in solvent-based TAC film applications, and the equipment for PI, PP, PVC, PC, and water-soluble PVA applications.

Single belt casting machine

Films and sheets are produced using precision gear pumps, specially designed T-dies, and an automatic lip gap adjustment device. The equipment utilizes a super-mirror-polished belt developed to improve width precision.

Hot air simulation analysis

(Improved evenness of chamber-blowing wind speed)
We determines the optimum design by analyzing the airflow from the hot air chamber installed close to the belt of the belt machine, and then by deciding how to ensure the evenness of airflow within the belt machine, and identifying the best blower shape.

Film drying simulation

We determines the optimum design by utilizing simulations to analyze the dryness of films on the belt machine, and then by identifying the optimum belt length and drying temperature.

Longer belt life

We achieves excellent high-speed meander control through the use of a belt as long as 160 mL thanks to our proprietary frame structure, controlling system, and analysis technology. This flexible meander control contributes to achieving a longer life for the belt and the equipment as a whole.

DDL onsite welding

Our proprietary technological development has made onsite direct diode laser (DDL) welding possible, which is considered difficult to perform under normal conditions.

We offer belts with a choice of specifications that will meet your needs
Material Austenitic stainless steel
Martensitic stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, tantalum
Surface finishing Mill finishing, grinding, polishing, super-mirror-polishing
Description Flat belt
Size※1 Length: more than 200 m, width: 3,000 mm, sheet thickness: 2.0 mm
Welding TIG welding, laser welding
Delivery conditions※2 Open belt: Onsite assembly, onsite welding, onsite surface finishing
Endless belt: Assembly at the time of equipment manufacture, onsite assembly
  1. The sizes available for manufacture differ depending on the materials used and sheet thickness.
  2. The conditions differ depending on the belt size and equipment.
Machine specifications
1 Belt width Up to 3,000 mm
2 Belt length Up to 240 mL
3 Line speed Up to 130 m/min
4 Temperature Up to 150°C (not explosion proof)
5 Film width Up to 2,940 mm
6 Film thickness (10 μm) or more