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Proposal for Reduction of Noise and Environmental Load and Polymer Collection System

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In the high pressure polyethylene manufacturing facilities, the decomposition reaction occurs in the polymerization reaction process occasionally and the temperature and pressure rise suddenly. As the safety measure against the reaction, generally, there is the method for releasing the gas in the facility into the air from the release tower by operating an emergency release valve or rupture disk. By installing our Cyclone Scrubber instead of using the release tower, the gas can be released more safely.

Advantages and Features of Cyclone Scrubber

1Reduction of Noise

Since Cyclone Scrubber absorbs impulsive force of the released gas, the noise can be reduced. In the nitrogen release test performed at the actual plant, we have records of 84db at a distance of about 60m and 75db or less at a distance of about 150m.

2Complete Collecting of Dust Particles

The entrained polymer particles in the released gas can be collected completely.

3Prevention of Ignition

The prevention of ignition accident caused by static electricity can be expected. At production sites where Cyclone Scrubber is installed, no ignition accident occurred.

4Space and Energy Saving

Cyclone Scrubber is designed by giving special consideration to safety. Since it is compact, it does not take up much space. The utilities charges can be reduced.

Overview of This System

  1. The gas is released from the release valve to the blowdown vessel.
  2. The initially released gas is cooled with the water put in the vessel. At the same time, the polymer particles are dumped with the water to prevent static electricity and to improve the recovery rate with Cyclone Scrubber.
  3. The polymer particles are separated from the gas and collected with Cyclone Scrubber completely.
  4. The separated polymer particles can be eliminated from the discharge valve easily by operating the showering.

Necessary Utilities

  1. Compressed air is used as the air for instrumentation.
  2. Clean water is used for the prevention of ignition, improvement of dust collecting efficiency, and cleaning.
  3. Steam: is used as inert gas.
  4. Nitrogen gas: is used as inert gas.


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