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The product MECTRNR® (Operator Training System) provides a comprehensive solution covering operation technology, manufacturing technology, engineering technology, safety, stability, and environmental conservation.

System features

MECTRNR® makes it possible to significantly improve safety and operational skills from training with the different simulation functions. Using all the capabilities of MECTRNR®, users can improve and refine the chemical process, reduce resource and energy usage, and realize higher profits.

Feature Description
Training for normal situations
  • Load (rate) Change
  • Feedstock Change
Training for abnormal situations
  • Start-up procedures
  • Shutdown procedures
Training for emergencies
  • Emergency shutdown procedures
  • Operation for problems (malfunctions)
Plant conditions
  • Change utility conditions (e.g., temperatures and pressures of
    steam or coolant)
  • Catalytic activity functions
Training conditions
  • Speed-up (fast-forward) feature
  • Training evaluation feature (Scoring)
  • Automatic operation feature
  • Initial state save and read feature
  • Snapshot auto-save feature
Use as Technical tools
  • Improvements for operational methods and the chemical process
    and control system

Training operation screens

  • Emulate DCS screens accurately.
  • Able to display historical trends.
  • DCS operation and field operation are available with forceful actual photos (patent pending).
  • Training is available for emergency stop procedures, interlocks, and any malfunctions. We will prepare any screens at the customer's request with data displays, photos, animations, and more.

Screen Sample: Field Operation


1Simulate chemical plants accurately

Because MECTRNR® simulates chemical plants accurately, it is possible to train for start-up/shutdown and steady operation procedures, as well as improve and refine the chemical process and control systems.

2Innovative human resource strategies

MECTRNR® is the ideal tool for realizing innovative human resource strategies. Training with MECTRNR® will dramatically improve the skills of operators and makes it possible to significantly improve safety skills. Using all the capabilities of MECTRNR®, users can improve the chemical process, reduce resource and energy usage, and realize higher profits.

3Emulate DCS on Standard PCs or using Actual DCS

Standard PCs connecting through a network can be used in the following roles:

  • Model calculations
  • Emulate DCS screens for panel operators
  • Interlock panel
  • Field Operation

Touch panel screens and DCS keyboards are also available. For realistic training, it is possible to use the actual DCS.

4Study tool to improve the process and control system

A dynamic simulation model of the plant is used for training. This dynamic simulation model is also used to improve and refine the process and control system.

5Customize your malfunctions

MECTRNR® has flexible training features. It makes it possible to provide training for any plant problem (malfunctions) and to customize your malfunctions.

6Development by skilled engineers familiar with processes and operations

Since design and development is performed by skilled engineers with knowledge of the chemical process, operations, and safety, we can accurately create plant models that simulate the actual process. Very little of the customer's time is required during development. Development time can also be reduced since all work on the design, development, and testing is implemented systematically from start to finish.

7Covers everything from chemical plant engineering to product operations

MECTRNR® is an operator training system provided by Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation. The system provides a total solution for the engineering technologies developed by the experts at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, including production, operations, safety, environment protection, and production technologies.

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