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Modular Construction Method

Stabilization of Quality of Production Equipment and Reduction of On-Site Construction Period

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The Modular Construction Method assembles the equipment as modules at the factory; disassembles, packs, and transports the modules by sea and land, and then reassembles the modules at the construction site.

Features of Modular Construction Method

1By designing and manufacturing each module in a size that can be transported by land, the modular construction method can be applied in inland areas.

2For modules used for solvent facilities for semiconductors, which should avoid contamination, they are assembled in a temporary clean booth installed indoors.

3The modules satisfy the construction criteria of each country and can be used for both buildings and mechanical frame structures.

Reasons for Introducing Modular Construction Method

  • Assembling the modules in the temporary clean booth maintains the cleanliness of the manufactured facility and reduces the period of cleaning before any on-site test runs.
  • The modules are manufactured at an overseas factory with better cost competitiveness, which reduces construction costs.
  • Manufacturing the modules in a well-equipped factory reduces the construction period and improves the quality of the modules.
  • Construction in countries where unexpected problems are less likely to occur minimizes any additional costs and delays in construction.
  • This process reduces the possibility of leaks of technical information and know-how about the production equipment.

Standard flow of Modular Construction Method

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