Chemical Distribution System

CDS: Chemical Distribution System

Our corporate group makes effective use of the know-how developed at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, our chemical manufacturing branch, to safely provide systems that distribute chemicals to their respective use points while also maintaining maximum quality.


  • Economical and space-saving Our systems provide optimal cost, fit into a compact space, and reflect a thorough understanding of chemical properties in their design.
  • Reduced environmental impact Our Chemical Distribution Systems are designed with recycling in mind, and reduce both the amount of chemicals consumed and amount of waste generated.
  • Scheme building We provide schemes that go beyond the system itself to even include consideration of waste collection destinations.


Our Chemical Distribution System is especially useful in semiconductor, LCD panel, solar panel, and lithium battery manufacturing facilities.


We offer distribution systems tailored to match the amount of chemical use of each customer.

Small Consumption distribution: Transfer from drums

Large consumption distribution : Transfer from lorry