DRS: Developer Recycling System

DRS: Developer Recycling System

Equipment overview

Our Developer Recycling System performs appropriately-timed control of concentrations for TMAH (Tetra-Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide) with a variety of other chemicals used in lithography process of LCD panels and other products. Doing this makes it possible to reduce developer consumption while also ensuring a stable developing rate.


  • Manages the real developer concentrations (that contain no carbonate), as well as the concentrations of photoresist and carbonate
  • Makes it possible to uniformly control the developing rate (critical dimension)
  • Monitors developing components in real time by using a multi concentration analyzer
  • Dramatically reduces the consumption of TMAH and dilution water (ultrapure water) by its ability to achieve a 100% recycle rate of waste liquid


Our system is used to manage concentrations of TMAH, resist, and carbonate, which are used in the lithography process of LCD panels and other products.


Schematic diagram