HF Recycling System

HFRS: HF Recycling System

We make full use of our independently developed technologies to support recycling of the world's limited resources.

Equipment overview

  • Directly recycles LCD panel etching fluid
  • Provides high performance separation of the abrasive sludge trapped in the fluid by using a special filter unit for recycling
  • Removes dissolved impurities in the fluid
  • Maintains a stable etching rate by working in conjunction with an advanced concentration management system


  • Directly processes thick fluids without the need to dilute them
  • Greatly reduces waste liquid because of the system's high recycling rate
  • Removes impurities
  • Maintains a stable etching rate by using an advanced concentration regulating system
  • Can be used with regular or strong acids Our systems are designed with recycling in mind, and reduce both the chemical consumption and waste generation.

Equipment delivery experience

LCD panel related production equipment, etc.

Equipment specifications

  • HF recycling rate can reach 80%
  • Impurity removal rate can reach 90%


Shown below is an example schematic diagram of the system.