Slurry Distribution System

SDS: Slurry Distribution System

Our Slurry Distribution System makes it possible to distribute slurry from a single distribution unit to multiple use points while maintaining consistent physical properties of the slurry to be used in polishing processes.

Equipment overview

The equipment in our Slurry Distribution System provides the polishing slurry used in chemical mechanical polishing of crystal surfaces used in such applications as semiconductors and solar cell substrates.


  • Accommodates a wide range of slurries (e.g. Silica-based, cerium-based, alumina-based)
  • Employs physical properties and parts (e.g. tank, pump, valve) that take into account the physical properties of slurry
  • Polishing processes are made consistent due to periodic cleaning performed by its automatic cleaning system
  • Economical and space-saving Provides optimal cost, fits into a compact space, and reflects a thorough understanding of chemical properties in its design
  • Able to accommodate large containers
  • Has a proven track record of use in many 300 mm processes


Our Slurry Distribution System is useful for semiconductor related production equipment.


Shown below is a schematic diagram of the system.