System Advanced Solutions

We provide the advanced production system and services for customers to enhance the productivity, improve the quality and ensure the safety.

With wide knowledge and long experience in many industrial field of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings group, we offer the system integration and operation services for measurement control, process and factory automation, production information and management, operation and safety training, logistic and physical distribution, business decision support, etc.
Not only in Japan, we provide our system advanced solutions works in overseas.

If the same solution is provided to the same country multiple times, one entry will suffice.

Our Plant Operation Training Simulator provides a comprehensive solution that covers production, operations, safety and security, environmental conservation, manufacturing technology.

Our Advanced Process Control enables Stable operations to make production efficient and quality consistent while also delivering energy saving.

Our Automatic Combustion Control System (ACCS) for Coke Oven makes it possible to achieve energy saving by controlling the operation of coke ovens.