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Key Divisions

Engineering Division for Mitsubishi Chemical Group

This division centralizes engineering tasks for Mitsubishi Chemical Corp., performs engineering, Practical teams are located in Kurosaki, Otake, Mizushima, Sakaide, Yokkaichi, Toyohashi, Toyama, Kashima, and Tsukuba.

Project Division 1

This division is responsible for the control of various manufacturing facilities and engineering and construction work for facilities Required in various domestic and overseas industries, such as chemicals, fine chemicals, food, medical care, and fiber production.

Maintenance Management & Construction Department

This department performs plant management requests from customers other than those in the Group company of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, supports operating tasks and does this on commission (so-called O&M), and undertakes maintenance work. It also carries out such tasks in various areas through our divisions. In addition, our own equipment control system "M-Support" has established a support center for 24-hour centralized monitoring and support for the manufacturing facilities of its customers.

Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Plant Department

In the industries of chemicals, fine chemicals, and medical care in Japan, this department performs engineering tasks and constructs a variety of plants.

Food Processing Plants Department

This department is responsible for engineering and construction work related to food, ranging from the processing of raw materials to the final product.

Project Division 2

This division is responsible for engineering and construction work related to Plastics processing, logistics, functional appliances, environment&energy, chemical supply systems for electronics, facility engineering,medical&welfare facilities and systems and other general industrial fields.

Manufacturing & Logistics System Department

This department is responsible for engineering work associated with Plastics processing and logistics systems and other general industrial fields. Moreover, it carries out design and construction work based on various kinds of simulation systems.

Facility Engineering Department

This department conducts engineering and construction work in the field of general civil and architectural engineering, facility engineering, medical and welfare facilities and systems. It also applies optimal purification technology to contaminated soils through underground environment conservation engineering.

System Advanced Solutions Department

In domestic and overseas business fields, this department offers engineering services for the optimization of supply chains from production to distribution, plant operation, and manufacturing processes, the development of automated systems and a variety of relevant systems, and the improvement of operating efficiency by applying various systems and Advanced Process Control technologies.

Engineering Division

This division organizes and reinforces our technological competence and promotes standardization by providing other divisions with technical support for the design and implementation of various projects.

Planning & Coordination Section

This section is responsible for diverse tasks related to planning coordination in Engineering Division, and work related to engineering, maintenance, and solutions technologies, technological development, and intellectual property.

Process Engineering Department

This department designs chemical processes, equipment for chemical engineering and related operations.
This department designs electrical systems and facilities for various projects, and works on the electrical construction technology.

Architecture Department

This department gives technological support to the design, installation, and construction of the supplementary equipment of the building, civil engineering, water supply and drainage, and air-conditioning facilities for various projects and the incidental equipment.

Production Technology Division

This division develops technologies for manufacturing performance products for Mitsubishi Chemical Group.

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