Automatic Combustion Control System (ACCS) for Coke Oven

System overview

Our Automatic Combustion Control System (ACCS) is a computer-aided coking control and management system for Coke Oven Plant.
It’s fundamental concepts are to reduce and minimize heat consumption during the carbonization process in coke oven chambers.
Most of coking industries except small number of advanced coke ovens are not operated by any concept of “net coking time (net carbonization time)” and “soaking time”. At such conventional coke ovens, raw coal is often heated too much, in order to meet and satisfy their product quality criteria.
This ACCS system is helpful to avoid excessive heating for raw coal and to keep the product coke in good quality.
This system consists of two parts: (1) Coking judgment system and (2) Temperature control system for coke oven batteries.
The coking Judgement system presumes individual endpoint of coking at each coking chamber by observing temperature profile of generated coke oven gas (COG), then this system makes it possible to display each Net Coking Time through coke oven battery in a screen on a PC.
The temperature control system continuously figure out optimum setpoint of target temperature for oven battery to reduce it's heatconsumption, adapting with the pushing/charging schedule of the battery in next few days.

System benefits

Below we illustrate some of the energy-saving benefits achieved after installing the ACCS.

Benefits of introducing an ACCS system

Feature Company A Company B Company C
Coke (units:10,000 t/yr) 240 260 190
Heating gas reduction rate (%) 3 5 5
Heating gas reduction (TJ/yr) 290 525 438
CO2 reduction (units:10,000 t/yr) 2.1 3.8 3.2